Artist statement

Working with pure oils, varnish and resins I bring personal observations in the form of memories between fantasy and fiction to the canvas.
Exploring the very means of virtual transformation and staging of (both sub- and popular) cultural phenomena through painting and installation, I want to reflect on social medias hybrid nature of mingling alienation and tribalism. Thus my approach deals with questions of nationalism, the human psyche and representation,
In order to achieve this I combine and transform classic and new materials (natural oils, fur, plants, plaster, vinyl, styrodur) to create connections to the metaphysical world in an abstract and alchemical way. The current body of work deals with experiences between Chicago and Vienna, showing two different parts of the Western world.


‘Tom Streit’ is a position which reflects on the making of identity, exploring the concept of auto poiesis in an alchemical way. It assumes that not the past but the question where we want to go forms our human sense of belonging. As well a question of artistic research for everybody who is on the move towards new, unorganized territory. Every journey is a metaphysical act.